How long will it take my MeowPod to arrive?

All of our items should arrive in 7-20 days with the free shipping option. 
We know, we know. We can't all be Amazon bring it to you immediately at the push of the button. We promise, our bags and products are worth the wait. We do our best and work hard to deliver the bags within this time frame, but sometimes things are out of our control affect the delivery time. We appreciate your patience and supporting a small business!
If you live outside the US, it'll vary according to location, but we’ll do whatever we can to get it to you ASAP.

What if I don’t like my MeowPod?

I think this is the part where I'm supposed to say somethin' good to compensate it so it doesn't come off—bad.  All sales are final. We're unable to cancel orders once they are placed. Everyone loves their MeowPod. If your pod arrives broken or faulty, we'll refund you or send you a new one. 

Can I put another pet that's not a cat?

Most definitely. As long as it fits the weight measurements, you can let any dog, cat, hamster, or even bird in a MeowPod.



How did you come up with the MeowPod?

We would tell you to just enjoy the greatness, but honestly it's taken month of dedication and research to provide the best transport backpack that's out of this world.

We recommend you bring a litter box or let your cat take breaks so they don't have an accident in the backpack! If you want to avoid a mess, you can line the bottom with pet pee pads. If an accident happens, we recommend soaking it up ASAP and using a urine cleaner that's fabric safe. You can try to machine wash the mat, but we're not liable for any damage and unfortunately cannot provide or sell replacements. If the mat is thoroughly soaked, you might want to toss it and replace it with your cats favorite blanket or anything comfy. 


Spot clean and vacuum them.



Will I instantly be popular for having this MeowPod?

Of course.



Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Yep.


How much does shipping cost?



I don't see my question on here? How can it get answered?

Ask any question you'd like right HERE, at our chatbox, or shoot us an email at info@meowpods.com


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